Iceland of Health

Iceland of Health is an association whose primal function is to promote health and wellness tourism in Iceland, by developing and supporting innovative quality services.

This network of members is supplying different services for travel, accommodation, treatment and cure in a professional way in line with the high standards defined by the association.

The members of the Association declare that they will pursue the following aims in their activity:

  • Provide good and professional service with trained staff
  • Ensure the safety of its customers
  • Provide a clean and safe environment for its customers
  • Safeguard the country’s nature
  • Offer healthy food

By doing so the members of the association of health tourism will sustain “Iceland of Health” and strengthen its reputation as a country where professionalism and quality are paramount in the field of health and wellness.


Health and wellness tourism is gaining more popularity thanks to easier travelling and greater acknowledgement of the importance of preventive health care.
In 2008 Forbes Magazine ranked Iceland as the world’s healthiest country. This is due to a unique combination of excellent health system and unspoiled nature.
Iceland is the cleanest country in the world, according to researchers at Yale and Columbia universities, where the Nordic island ranks first out of 163 countries on their Environmental Performance Index*.
In this context, the therapeutic opportunities offered by Iceland gain a new dimension and value.
Ísland of Health is an association primal function is to promote health and wellness tourism in Iceland and develop new innovative products in a constant search for higher quality standards.

The members of the association are committed to supplying professional services for transport, accommodation and treatments in line with the high standards of the association.

*Researchers ranked countries based on 25 indicators, including water and air quality, greenhouse gas emissions and the impact of the environment on the health of the population

Quality Statement

The Association for Health Tourism in Iceland aims to promote professionalism and quality in health tourism and to market, promote and present the country‘s uniqueness – pure and unspoiled nature – as unique in connection with health and well-being.
The Members of Ísland of Health – the Association for Health Tourism in Iceland affirm that they will endeavour to

  • provide quality service performed by educated professionals
  • ensure that the customer is safe
  • provide clean and safe facilities
  • safeguard the natural environment
  • offer healthy foods




By adhering to this criteria, the members of the Association for health will strengthen Iceland of Health, and its reputation as a destination where health, well-being and purity come first.